Chapter 26 - Manipulation

I started gagging and choking as I felt the intensity of the presence of someone who’s gripping my neck and lifting me into the air. Faint screams started to form into my lips and the next thing I knew someone is shaking my body and shouting at me.

“ W-What--?” I asked when I saw the worried face of Alpha Nicholas in front of me. He looks constipated as anxiousness consumes his body.

The fine lines at the gap of his brows tells me that I am once again being haunted by my nightmares. “ You’re shaking,” he pointed out and looked at my hands which trembling severely. My mouth gaped at the sight and evidence of how afraid I felt earlier.

“ I-I’m….”

“ Apollo wants to talk to Devon,” Alfredo’s hoarse voice intervenes my words as soon as he stepped inside of the prison cell. He looks smug and cold. I didn’t have the chance to blurted out how scared I am earlier.

Alpha Nic

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