Chapter 111- Welcome to the world

“ Why are you with Anne?!” I shouted to Alpha Nicholas because of what I saw. I just visited their pack and the first thing that I will see is him, being touchy with Anne. He looks bewildered because I am shouting right in front of my face but I cannot seem to help it these days.

Everything is chaotic in my world because I’ve been fixing all of the route ups of what happened to us. All of the fate that has been touched is making me awake at night but this day I decided that I wanted a day-off and a day to spend with my mates.

We’re married for atleast a month but we haven’t decided yet about what we’re going to do with our responsibilities in our own world. They cannot leave their pack and I cannot leave my kingdom. I don’t know how these are going for us but I think we’re managing our time to see each other for every other day.

“ It’s not that, kitten,” Alpha Nicholas tried to grab my arms but I

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