Chapter 112 - A Great Mother

“ Devon! Are you really pregnant!?” Thorne shouted as soon as I entered my kingdom, making me shocked because of how fast he picked up the news.

I told the Gibbous twin that I don’t want anyone to know yet but they didn’t listen. “ Who told you?” I asked but Thorne held his place and clenched his teeth so he cannot talk.

 My gaze landed to Beta Xander and he looked on me with confusion on his eyes. “ What?” he asked and he rolled his eyes when I waited for him to tell me the truth. “ It’s Anne,” he added which made me groan out of frustration.

Thorne is looking at me with guilt in his eyes. “ I told you that you cannot like that girl!” I shouted because of how stubborn he is.

Beta Xander is chuckling because of how hard I am scolding our brother. “ She’s not the girl for you!” I added which only made Beta Xander barked in laughter.

I looked at Thorn

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