Chapter 11: See You Again


I was very surprised when I heard what Jaxon said. I bit my lip hard again so that the accent of my scream coming from my mouth would not be heard on the other line.

"Stella, are you still there?" I just went back to trance when I heard his voice so I faked a cough and calmed myself.

"Hmm… I'm still here, Jaxon."

"I miss you, Wife. Don't you miss me?" He was asking again so I took a deep breath first and he answered.

"Jaxon, we haven't seen each other for half a day, you'll miss me right away. I don't miss you." I was joking and I was just surprised when he complained that you thought he was a missing child and I'm his mother who has been away for a few hours.

"But I miss you. I know that you miss me too." He competitively said so I turned around and let him go. He seemed to have tantrums as a child because of what he did today.

"Fine, fine. I miss you too." There was a softening in my voice and I just heard on the other line the loud crash that you thought something big had fallen. So I'm worried and asked him right away.

"Jaxon, what happened there? Did something bad happen?"

"That's nothing, Wife. A cockroach just passed at my feet. It's nothing serious." He answered and I could feel in his voice the accented shout that you thought he was the one who was hurt.

"Okay, you said that. Why aren't you sleeping yet? It's morning here in Paris. We're just going to our hotel," I said and I heard his sigh loudly.

"I'm going to sleep too, Stella. I called you to say hello and to ask if you arrive safely and I'm glad that you're safe. All right, rest first. I'll call you again tomorrow. Take a rest, Wife okay?" He assured me so I nodded even though he couldn't see.

"Sure. You too, Jaxon. Take a rest too. We're close to our hotel. Good night. See you again tomorrow." I said goodbye and almost dropped the call when he spoke again.


"Hmm? Did you forget to say something, Jaxon?"

"I lo-" I was shocked when the call was cut off and when I looked at my cellphone I was trampled because the battery was empty.

I can't plug properly into the power bank. Annoyingly, when what Jaxon said seemed important, my cellphone battery emptied.

Instead of heating my head, I just pocketed my cellphone first and when we got to the hotel, I would charge it later. But it still puzzles me what Jaxon will tell me.

Is that still important? I hope it's not.


"Look at the camera, Stella! Show us your beautiful smile!" Our photographer shouted before the fashion show started today.

So I smiled sweetly at the camera and posed. He took another shot before he stopped me.

When it was over, the manager approached me and gave me a coat so I wouldn't get cold.

I looked at the clothes I'm wearing now. It's super elegant and beautiful. I don’t think it will suit me.

It's a backless long gown with real diamonds. It is so close to my body that I can see its shape even more. My long hair is loose and there are diamonds attached to it as well.

I feel like I am the main character of this runway. I feel like I am the Goddess in this kind of backless long gown. My whiteness was also obvious and came out even more.

Add to that my innocent face that further suits what I'm wearing. Even my manager was stunned when he saw me like this.

Even the photographers as well as the make-up artists can't take their eyes off me. If Jaxon was here would he react like this?

So I shook my head hard and took a deep breath because of what I was thinking. Stop imagining, Stella! You don’t even know how Jaxon feels about you.

But when I remembered that he would call me, it didn't happen. After Jaxon and I talked and my cellphone battery was empty, he never called again.

I waited from yesterday until now but not a single text or call I received from him. Maybe he's busy or doing something important to the point that he forgot it, but I understand him.

Not in all cases are you always her priority, Stella. He also has his responsibilities so get organized. Jaxon won't always put you first. You’re just a wife on paper. Just arrange a marriage for the two of you.

I was quickly caught in my heart as it hurt because of what I had said to myself. That's true and it hurts so bad.

At least I knew in myself that I wasn’t Jaxon’s priority even though we were married. We just arranged marriage so I have no right to complain to him when he is busy.

Because from the very beginning he was not with me. He's not mine.

"Hey, you're fine. Are you in pain?" I just looked at the Manager when he held me on the shoulder so I tried to smile and nod.

I don't want to ruin this moment. This is so special to me.

"I'm okay, Manager. I'm just nervous. I'll be the one to make a runway." I was lying so the Manager tapped me hard on the shoulder.

"You can do it, Stella. You're the main character of this runway. Own that runway. Show them your ethereal beauty!" He encouraged me so I laughed and hugged his arm.

"Thank you for cheering me up, Manager. You're the best!" I was flattering and he just pinched me on the waist.

"And now! Let's welcome, the most beautiful goddess in the universe! She's ready to dominate the world again with her beauty! No other than Cassiopeia Stella!" The host of the event shouted enthusiastically so suddenly the big curtain opened.

Fortunately, I moved quickly and I immediately let out my smile. I started to step up and I was almost dazzled by the cameras focused on me because of their flashes.

I feel so overwhelmed right now. For some of them, I can see the admiration in their eyes. Some of them are shouting like there's no tomorrow. Some of them have big smiles on their faces when they look at me.

I roamed my eyes at everyone there. But it stopped in a man who now had traces of pleasure and amusement in his eyes and face. I could see how proud he was to see me.

Despite the shouting and camera flashes hitting me I can only see one person now.

It was Jaxon, who was staring intently at me.


AM I DREAMING again? Or maybe it's just my hallucinations because of how tired I felt before. After the show, I roamed my eyes again but there was no sign of Jaxon.

"Hey, Stella! You're just tired and hungry. Your husband can't be here, he's in the Philippines now. Just eat first!" The manager said so I just blushed and nodded.

After I told the Manager, that's what immediately came to me. Maybe it's just because I'm hungry and tired so that's all I can see.

"You're right, Manager. Maybe I'm just tired and hallucinating." I agree and he sat down in front of me. We are now at the hotel and both are relaxing.

I'm even happy because we're just facing the Eiffel Tower that I've been dreaming of seeing for a long time.

"What you say is the effect of missing your husband." He was still teasing so I jokingly threw a tissue at him which he immediately avoided.

"But he's not mine!" When I answered, he laughed out loud and pulled my hair gently.

"Claim him as if you own him!"

When he said that I was choked and humiliated. He laughed out loud because of my reaction. I could feel the redness on my cheek because of what I heard.

"Manager, your mouth!" I said irritated but he locked me even more. Because he did that I got up and put on my coat and gloves because I was going to the Eiffel Tower.

"Stella, I think someone else thought of claiming it. You can also do that to Jaxon after all, you're already married." He was still teasing so I just stared at him and left him.

"He just has the right to tell me a joke even though he just doesn't have a boyfriend," I whispered as I finally got out of the building.

Very few walk the cold and quiet streets of Paris because of that I felt peace and freedom tonight.

I just smile when the snow hits my body and hands. I even caught others here and I played with it like a child.

I immediately stopped in front of the Eiffel Tower and stared at it in amazement. Ever since I was a child it has been my dream to see it up close with the person I will be with for the rest of my life.

But for now, I am alone first. There is no certainty right now of how Jaxon feels about me. I don't want to ask.

I was afraid of what his answer would be.

But even so, I hope that one day Jaxon will be next to me as I hold his hand and together we observe the beautiful view in front of me.

I closed my eyes and opened my palm to catch the snow that was now falling in front of me. I closed my eyes and savored the coolness of the weather.

"I wish you were here with me." I stammered softly and sighed loudly. I also felt the edge of my tears so I closed my eyes tightly so that the tears that wanted to drip into my eyes would not fall.

This is how it feels when you hide how you feel from someone.

The weight, too much weight. But I was just stuck where I was when I felt two arms hug from behind me and whisper in my ear.

"I'm here now, Wife. I'm sorry for waiting for you for so long." He whispered in a baritone voice so I quickly left his embrace and turned to him.

"Jaxon," I said hoarsely and touched his face. Maybe I had a dream or maybe I had hallucinations again because I was tired.

"Yes, it's me, Wife." He replied so I couldn't stop hugging him so tightly that he retaliated.

"Am I not dreaming?" I cried in response so I heard him laugh again. I felt him kiss the top of my hair and hug him even more tightly.

"You're not dreaming, Wife. I'm in front of you. I'm real." He was still making sure so I couldn't help but smile and squeezed his body even harder.

"I can't believe that you're in front of me right now, Jaxon."

"Because I miss you and I want to see you again, my beautiful Wife."

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