Chapter 12: Coleen


"HOW DID YOU FIND ME?" I asked as soon as I broke away from his embrace. To this day it still never enters my mind that Jaxon is here in front of me. His eyes were smiling and wide as he looked at me.

"I secretly contacted your Manager. I couldn't stand it, I went to see you even though you will be home in two days." He answered so I felt the butterflies in my stomach again.

Jaxon, why are you like that? My feelings for you deepen more. You're annoying and it makes me scared.

"I mean you're the one I saw earlier at the fashion show. That's you, right? I wasn't mimicking before?" I asked one more question so he laughed softly and kissed my forehead before answering.

"Yes, that's me, Wife. I'm sorry if I leave right away. Someone will notice me since I didn't full-disguise before. Seeing you walking on that runway makes you the brightest star in the world. You were so elegant and gorgeous that time. " He tenderly compliments me to hide my excitement.

"You're always complimenting me, Jaxon. Little by little I might fall for you." I just joked about how I was feeling so he pinched my nose.

"Well, that's good." He answered so I stared at him. What if he doesn't catch me, it hurts more.

"Well that's good, maybe later you won't catch me. Just tell me if you want to break our marriage, so that as soon as possible no one of us will be hurt." I don't know why I said that.

Maybe because of the fear that I might be the only one to love Jaxon, I preceded him. Because I said that to him, his face was dark and he closed his eyes so hard that you thought he was holding back on something.

"Stella, where did you find those words? No one will be released from our marriage. No matter how hard it is to keep our marriage a secret, no one will be released. Nothing." When the two of our eyes met I could see how much he was begging.

Because of that, I could feel my heart ache because of the emotion I could read in his eyes. So I nodded and apologized for what I said.

"I'm sorry, Jaxon. I'm just really thinking a lot right now. It's just I'm scared, what if it didn't work out? It's like we just wasted time with each other." There was fear and apprehension in my voice so he quickly covered my lips which make me surprised.

All my fears and anxieties suddenly disappeared like bubbles when I felt his light kiss on me. Everything around us gradually disappeared and I could only hear my heart beating.

In the middle of the busy life of Paris and the mesmerizing view of the Eiffel Tower, the only thing on my mind right now is the lips of my husband. The way he kissed me, gave me a thousand butterflies in my stomach. It feels like he's assuring me that our marriage will work out.

I slowly opened my eyes as I felt his lips move a little. When our eyes met there was an emotion attached to it

Adoration is evident in his almond eyes. I suppressed my lips and bit my tongue because I feel like I'm going to lose my balance the way Jaxon is looking at me. Oh gosh, why are you like this Jaxon?

Pain and at the same time you are easy to love. I don’t know but you were just the first guy to make me feel everything.

How to hide feelings from someone. How thrilled you don't notice and how I hold back I can only tell you how I feel. That’s how you made me feel, Jaxon.

“Wife, hold on to our marriage, okay? Hold on, one day they will also know about us. Please trust me, trust me, Stella. Keep holding on, okay? ” He assured me sure so I smiled and he pressed our foreheads together. A small smile flashed on his lips and he hugged me tightly again.

Jaxon seems to be getting used to hugging me, ah. Maybe later when he's gone I'll miss him again, especially his scents.

It seems like I will have a hard time forgetting him. So what I did was I reciprocated with a hug him and first removed the negative things that we're running now in my mind.

“Please hold on and trust me with our marriage, Stella. Please. ”

I will, Jaxon. I will.


"Jaxon, can you fix your posture? Don't take my hand off your waist!" I was annoyed when he aggressively removed my hand from his waist again. If I hadn't held him we might have fallen to the floor together because of his drunkenness.

The Manager agreed for us to have a drink for our celebration of the fashion that happened earlier. We thought he had a high alcohol tolerance but he had only five glasses when he suddenly collapsed.

“Go away! Don't touch me. You’re not my wife! ” His voice was full of intoxication and irritation, so I laid him down on our bed. I was still confused because he didn't know that I was the one who is holding him.

“I’m your wife, Jaxon. Get yourself together because I'll just take off your top clothes because you smell like alcohol. ” I said and I started to remove the button but he stopped me again and closed his eyes and spoke.

“Don’t touch me, you are not your Wife. My wife will get angry if someone touches me. ”

Because I was annoyed, I couldn't control myself and slapped him lightly on the cheek, which made him look at me and smile.

"Silly, I'm your wife Jaxon." I smiled and I was just shocked when he grabbed my hand so I went on top of him. I felt his arms wrap around my waist and he sniffed my neck.

“Hello, there my beautiful wife. I miss you. ” He was drunk that I would leave properly but he hugged me even more so I could do nothing but let him because I could no longer run away from him.

“Jaxon, let me go first. We will just get dressed. ” I said again but he just shook violently and hugged me even more.

“No, I will not let you go, Stella. You are mine forever. ”

“DAMN. Did I take advantage of you while I’m drunk, Wife? ” I just woke up because of Jaxon's confused voice. So I got up and just looked at him like you thought he had done something bad to me.

“Can you just calm down? You did nothing to me. So you get up there and take a bath, smell alcohol, and get rid of your hangover. ” I gave a long order so I saw him sniffle and softly stand up on our bed.

When Jaxon entered the restroom and I gasped loudly because of the strength of my hurt pulse. To this day I still remember what he said even though he was drunk. The way he said it was as if he owned me. Because of that, I couldn’t sleep properly because of what he said.

Now that he is no longer drunk he still remembers so what he said last night to me or not anymore?

"Did you remember last night that you said something to me, Jaxon?" I ask when we come down here to the hotel lobby for breakfast. We are just thankful because this hotel has high security so Jaxon and I can move freely.

I saw his forehead furrow and he shook quickly because there I secretly bit my lip. After all, he was just drunk when he said that. I told you, Stella, don't ask and you'll get hurt.

“Why wife? Did I say something bad to you last night? ” He asked so I forced a smile and he folded our hands.

"Nothing." I was about to lie and we were about to enter a restaurant but Jaxon and I both looked at each other when we heard someone call his name.

This is a woman. Long hair, slender body. Her skin was white and she also looked innocent on her face. Who could it be? Did Jaxon know this woman?

"Colleen?" I heard Jaxon say and there I thought back to who the woman in front of us was and smiled broadly at Jaxon.

It was Coleen. The ex-girlfriend of my husband.

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