Chapter 43|| Isn't he Xavier?

~Zara Todd’s POV~

“Just sit right over here,” he says while his blue orbs shine brightly and I feel like I am hypnotized and I should sit right over there.

I feel like I am almost lost in his eyes. But then I realize that his eyes aren’t that beautiful ocean that I wish to see. They are deepest secrets and tsunamis instead of the ocean.

I get myself back and say,” No, I won’t. Why would I? To be bullied by you one more time,” I say.

He smiles as I try to leave and he doesn’t let my hand go away from his.

“What’s so wrong with you? Why are you holding my hands? You know now all of the students will be entering the auditorium. Will you please stop now? It’s not like we are that much close,” I roll my eyes.

“We are husband and wife and I shared such a passionate kiss with you twice already. How close do you want us to be?” he says with that that smirk on his bot

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