Chapter 109||Why did you hide my purse?

~Zara Todd’s POV~

I don’t believe my eyes. I am sure I kept my purse in my bag. But I was suddenly shocked when I didn’t find it inside my bag. Now, I see the purse in his bag suddenly and even his purse is over there. 

He had our purses all this time and he just ashamed all of us in the bus last time. How can he do that? Does he hate us or is it something other he wants? 

He hurriedly tucks those purses into his bag making sure I didn’t see them but I have already seen them. I pretend like I haven’t noticed them as I turn to another direction as soon as he looks at me. I turn to Melanie who is busy looking at the direction where Nathan is sitting. 

I must admit the fact that every guy in this classroom is weird. I can’t understand anyone of them. The teacher gets in and we all get up to greet him. 

The whole period I couldn’t think of anything but those purses, he was carrying with him.

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