Chapter 112|| Could you please help me?

~Zara Todd’s POV~

   I wait for the call for almost late night. I feel sleepy when Xavier keeps on talking with me. We talk about this and that stuff and the shutter of my eyes seem to be quite tired due to all the tearing process throughout the day. 

I don’t know when I fall asleep but the alarm of my phone rings exactly at 5 am. It’s our waking up time. My eyes are extra aware in this time. For me, the school has always been so much important and that is why I wake up every day on time. 

I roll my eyes around the room and find out I am still in Xavier’s room. I slept here, in his room. I stretch my hands to the another part of the bed but I don’t find him. I wake up quickly when I don’t feel him beside my bed. 

I hurriedly switch on the light and look around the room but I don’t see him at all. He isn’t in the room. 

“Xavier! Xavier!!” I grab my cardigan and

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