Chapter 113|| His monster is back

~Zara Todd’s POV~ 

“Could you please do makeup on my face? I feel awful right now. I was beautiful before but I look ugly right now. I want to look pretty even on my last breath. I want my eyes without dark circles, my lips looking plumpy and red. My skin so much healthy and with life in them. I want to die like that. Like I am that little girl who loves to do make ups and always stay beautiful. Will you please do that for me?” she smiles though the thick beads of tears glide down her cheeks. 

I can clearly see how much broken she is inside and how much she is trying to hide that pain. That scene is just so much momental and emotional that I can’t just stop myself from stopping my tears at all. 

“I will. Just instruct me what to do. I will do everything that you want me to do,” I say as I move to another side of the bed and check her drawers if I could find any make up supplements. 


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