Chapter 117|| Wedding (II)

~Zara Todd’s POV~ 

I cannot believe my eyes. I gaze back at the dress I am wearing and to the dress a girl is wearing in front of me. What the hell is going on? Why is this girl wearing the same dress as mine?

Her dress has the same color, same design and even her height is similar to mine. Is she duplicate of me? No…No…What the hell am I even thinking? This isn’t some fantasy play that there would be someone duplicate of mine. 

Xavier realizes that I am feeling tad uncomfortable over there. My hands are still on his arms but they get loose after I see that with the same dress in front of me. She is facing her back towards us. 

“What’s wrong? What happen?” he asks me. He doesn’t know how does a girl feel when her dress matches in the party with someone else? What if Xavier mistakes her for me? 

“Nothing,” I say as I try to ignore that girl and walk ahead of there. We

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