Chapter Seven

Sidney wondered why her mother had hanged up the phone. Could it be that she knew the Humphreys? If the answer was yes, then what could she be hiding?

The phone on her desk rang.

When she picked the receiver, her mother's voice prank into rushed words. 

“Sidney, I’m sorry I hanged up on you, I was in the meeting when you called. I will talk to you later today, maybe tonight. Bye, darling.” She said and hanged up. 

This time, Sidney's mind was at rest that at least she would hear something from my mother later. 

When her mother called that night she told her that the Humphrey she knew was her father's business partner. So when Sidney had slept with the impression that night and woke up the following day had forgotten all a suspicion.

Eyes still closed to prolong the dream, Bradley pulled the pillow closer. His creative mind had turned the pillow to the woman he had come to love so much. 

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