Chapter Fifteen

At some point during the event, Sidney developed a massive headache and Bradley took her to his best friend's room upstairs in the hotel next door to the hall being used. 

Sidney laid down and tried to sleep a little. The end of the event was still two hours away, and an hour's sleep would help her head aching less than it was aching right now. 

The hotel was a three-star hotel and Sidney found the reason it was so soon enough. The wall of the hotel room was so thin that she could hear the couples next door having sex. She pulled the pillow over her head and pressed it down. 

It was a minute past eleven o’clock in the evening. While she had nothing against couples having sex, she hated the fact that they were that loud about it knowing the walls of the hotel room were that thin. The oohs and ahhs were adding to her already pounding hard head and the pillow over her head did nothing much to block the noise out. She closed her eyes in a silent

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