Chapter two

The sunlight hit Andrea's face causing her to wake up. A new beginning day greeted her again, so she smiled from the bottom of her heart. She cheers herself, smiles and forgets the bad thing that happened to her yesterday. Andrea hoped that someone would please her nicely today.

"Good morning," Andrea greeted herself. She immediately got up and stretched her body. I will take a shower before my day starts today. She thought as she smiled to herself.

Andrea brought a change of clothes before going to the bathroom for the omegas. Andrea misses taking a bath in the bathroom of her room. The mansion where Alpha Homer now lives was owned once by Andrea. But when Alpha Homer became Alpha, she was suddenly kicked out of the mansion and put to sleep in the abandoned warehouse until the cramped warehouse room served as her room next to the paddock.

Andrea is really glad because she is the first woman in the bathroom. As long as possible, she wants to avoid any fights for this day. This day is special to her. It is the preparation day for her shift later in the midnight. A mix of feelings she felt for this day. She is scared, happy, nervous and excited at the same time. For the first time in her life, she felt the difference between having a regular birthday and her shifting birthday which is at the age of eighteen.

After she finished her bath, she wore clean clothes, and she remembered that it was her mother's clothes. That is what her father said when he was alive. Andrea was happy as she went out in the omegas bathroom. When she was going back to her cramped room, she saw Mrs. Marie in front of her room while looking at her seriously. Andrea sighed as she placed a smile on her lip approaching Mrs. Marie.

“Good morning, Mrs. Marie. What do you need from me?” Andrea asked. She knows that every time Mrs. Marie appears in front of her room, Mrs. Marie will give her orders. A serious mask on Mrs. Marie's face can only be seen. Mrs. Marie gives her a one half lengthwise piece of paper. Andrea already guesses what is on the piece of paper. She read what was inside the lengthwise piece of paper.

“Buy all the ingredients in the list. Don’t come back until you are done with your errand. Also, you need to come back at noon. Don’t be late. You are the one who will cook all the foods. That is what Alpha Homer said,” said Mrs. Marie. A smile formed on Andrea lips as she nodded to Mrs. Marie.

“I’ll do it,” said Andrea. Mrs. Marie gave her the money for buying ingredients, and left her. When Mrs. Marie was already gone, Andrea sighed as she looked up at the sky.

I will go down again in the town, and face all the possible bad scenes. I hope that everyone will spare me just two days. She thought to herself.

In going down in the town, Andrea chose the fast way and safe way, but a crowded way. Andrea's thought that she didn't want to get her clean dress dirty. It is the only dress that reminds her of the existence of her mother. As she went down in the town, many eyes were staring at her in pity and in jealousy. Andrea ignored everyone’s stare as she confidently walked in the town. Every move she did was being watched. Andrea let out a big sigh.

She started to pick up the ingredients one by one carefully choosing it. On her way to the other stall to pick some vegetables, a man in a robe walked beside her.

“Advance happy birthday to you,” a man greeted her. Andrea knew the man who was talking to her, he was her childhood friend. But even though they are childhood friends, they didn’t see each other often because Andrea forbade him to go near her two years ago. Andrea knows what will happen to her childhood friend if anyone sees that her childhood friend is giving her a good treatment. She doesn't want him to make his life miserable because of her. Andrea was happy to hear it from a friend who is still the same and good to her.

“Thank you,” she said. The robe man, who is her childhood friend, vanished in the crowd. Andrea resumed her job. When she reached the next stall, the shopkeeper suddenly smiled at her.

“Choose anything you like, Andrea. I will give you a discount,” the shopkeeper said. The shopkeeper even suggested the new harvest vegetables to her. Although Andrea doubted the saleswoman's new treatment of her, she confirmed to herself why the saleswoman had suddenly been kind to her.

"Why are you so kind to me now, Mrs. Vivian Dela Cruz? Maybe you won't order me to lift the stock of vegetables into the cart?" Andrea asked the shopkeeper, Mrs. Vivian with a laugh. Mrs. Vivian was embarrassed.

"That was before Andrea. It's different now. I've changed," Mrs. Vivian said while laughing softly. Andrea nodded. After Andrea bought the vegetables she paid Mrs. Vivian. Andrea was about to leave when Mrs. Vivian stopped her.

"Wait a minute Andrea. I heard Alpha Homer will be celebrating your birthday tonight? I also heard that he invited all the alphas and the son of the alphas to find out if your mate is an alpha. It's your turn to get out of the misery in this pack," she said. Andrea just faked a smile because she found out that was the reason why Mrs. Vivian was kind to her now. She did not answer and left. In the next town, Andrea went there to buy the remaining ingredients from the list. It took her four hours to buy all the ingredients.

On her way home, she noticed that everyone was avoiding her. Are they not going to bully me? She asked herself. Andrea just shrugged her shoulders. It was already bright and the heat from the sun caused her to sweat more. Andrea was glad that she brought a cart with her. All the ingredients she bought are very heavy, but that is not a problem anymore, the cart solved her problem.

Andrea breathed in the fresh air and smiled as she pushed the cart. This is the best day of my life. No mess and my persecutors. The songs of the birds are also pleasant to hear. She thought.

She has still remaining time before noon, but Andrea decided to go home so that she would not be scolded. When she got home, she looked for Mrs. Marie, and she found her inside the kitchen.

"Mrs. Marie, I've already brought all the ingredients from the list you gave me," said Andrea.

Mrs. Marie looked at Andrea's purchases to see if everything she bought was correct. When she confirmed that everything Andrea had bought was correct, she confronted Andrea.

"Good. You go to ma'am Lorry's room. She wants to talk to you there," said Mrs. Marie. Andrea was surprised, and she just nodded, and went to Lorry's room. Andrea is excited to see Lorry's room because she is the first owner of the room where Lorry is now staying. When Andrea was already in front of the door, she knocked on the door three times.

"Come in," Lorry responded from the inside. Andrea was so nervous, and at the same time she was excited. When she entered the room, nothing's changed except that her portrait pictures were not displayed on the wall.

"You can wear that dress later," Lorry told her seriously. Andrea wonders why Lorry gives her a dress to wear for later. Andrea examined the entirety of the dress. It is peach colored and looks expensive.

"Why would you give it to me? Do you need anything from me or do you want me to run an errand?" Andrea asked. She doubted the kindness that Lorry was showing her. Lorry stared at her as if she was examining her from her head to toe. Andrea felt insulted.

"I'm not a total bitch. Also, I know the feeling when you are about to turn eighteen. Besides, it reminds me that I made a huge mistake by rejecting your childhood friend," Lorry told her calmly. It was a year ago when Lorry rejected her mate, Andrea's childhood friend. Andrea's feels sorry for Lorry because there may be no hope that Lorry will have a second chance to find her mate.

"Why did you follow your father's order to you back then?" Andrea suddenly asked her which she also immediately regretted.

"Will you please stop asking me? Just get that dress," Lorry said irritably to her. Andrea nodded and thanked her instead. But she looked at Lorry when she answered her question.

“If I didn’t obey dad, he would kick me in this mansion, and my situation would be even more pitiful than your situation,” for the first time, Andrea saw Lorry’s fragile side. Andrea sighed. She doesn't want to hear any dramas from Lorry. Andrea witnessed how cowardly Lorry is. She was about to leave when Lorry suddenly stopped her.

"Wait! I want to know if you and Franklin are still visiting each other?" Lorry asked while holding Andrea's hand. Andrea immediately removed Lorry's grip on her hand.

"We haven't seen each other in a long time, but this morning he greeted me, but he also disappeared immediately," Andrea said seriously. She can’t forgive Lorry for what she did to her only friend.

"Another thing is I can't accept that dress. I already have a dress for tonight. I'm leaving," Andrea said and left. When Andrea closed the door, she heard Lorry screaming inside and seemed lost. She even heard Lorry throw something at the door. Andrea just shrugged as she laughed at Lorry's loss.

Andrea went back inside the kitchen to start her work. An excited expression plastered on Andrea's face. She was excited to meet her wolf and also her mate. Andrea was hoping that her mate would love her. Her hope is burning in thinking that her mate will love her and take care of her. She wanted to have a happy and perfect family with her mate that she never experienced. Although her father loves her, there is part of Andrea that is still missing, a mother's love.

As the time runs fast, it is the time the night comes. It's already ten o'clock in the evening. All the visitors are already walking on the long red carpet from the gate to inside the mansion. All are beautiful and handsome. In the guest room, Andrea is wearing a long blue sparkling dress. Her red hair complements her porcelain skin. It was her first time seeing herself as beautiful as a blue sapphire necklace in her neck. Andreas blue eyes are like an ocean sparkling as the lights reflect it. Only Mrs. Marie works on her makeup and hairstyle.

"Thank you for helping me, Mrs. Marie," Andrea really appreciate Mrs. Marie volunteered to make her a fine lady for this night.

"You don't need to thank me. If only your mother is alive, she is the one who will do this to you. Since I am the head of the employees here in the mansion, it is my task to serve you for this day," said Mrs. Marie. Andrea chuckle. She knows that Mrs. Marie is a terror and strict employee here in the mansion to please the head of the mansion. Mrs. Marie hasn't done any bad to her except shouting in front of her like a mother who is lecturing her daughter. That is what Andrea feels for Mrs. Marie.

"Tell me. Do I look like my mother?" Andrea asked Mrs. Marie as she glanced at her reflection in the mirror.

"Probably yes, but you got the color of your eyes and your hair from your father. Especially your stupid mouth. When your father is about your age, he always finds trouble because he can't stop his mouth and speak his thoughts," Andrea saw Mrs. Marie crack a smile when she was reminiscing her memories with Andrea's father.

"Really? I'm trying my best to keep my mouth shut, and also avoid any fights because of my weak body," Andrea said. Mrs. Marie shook her head of disbelief.

"You're done, Let's get to the back curtain, so we can start the party," Mrs. Marie said. Andrea smiled at her. They both went to the back curtain. Andrea was nervous and excited. She was startled when Alpha Homer appeared in front of her.

"You are really David's daughter. Try to be useful to me, Andrea. Don't be a trash like my daughter. I want your mate to be Alpha or the Alpha's son. If you don't, I'll sell you to the Alpha of South pack or kill you," Alpha Homer said as he pointed the knife in her neck. Andrea was scared. She wanted to scream but she couldn't. The thought that selling her to the other alpha makes her crazy and angry.

"Compose yourself before you face the guests," Alpha Homer said, and he left her.

"Let's call the birthday celebrant, Andrea Garcia." Andrea heard the host called her name. The curtain in front of her opened. She smiled. The bright lights hurt her eyes, later on, her eyes already adjusted to the lights. Andrea was overwhelmed. She saw many guests attend her birthday celebration. She thought that this birthday celebration would become more lively and happiest birthday ever if her parents were alive and watching her. While roaming her gaze in the crowd, she saw a pair of hazel eyes intently staring at her. She felt her heart skip a beat. What was that? She asked herself.

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