Chapter thirty-six

In president Nicolas' place, Andrea arrived. She was in the gate because the guards stopped her from entering the building. She was annoyed but understood them.

"What's your business here, ma'am?" the guard asked her. Andrea sighed.

"I'm here for Franklin, I'm here sister," she said without a proof. The guard from behind came to her rescue.

"I remember her. She was the one with Franklin when they came here," the guard said. He has a long hair and masculine body. He has golden brown eyes and white skin. Andrea thought that the guard really trained well.

"Thank you," Andrea said and smiled at the guard who helped him. The two guards who stopped her a while ago, let her in the building. Finally, Andrea is in her good mood now.

She was walking into the front desk and found Camellia chatting with a male clerk. She faked a cough.

"Excuse me," Andrea interrupted the

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