Chapter sixty-two

The next morning, Andrea woke up, and she felt a familiar warmth in her lips and her forehead. She was trying to remember that warmth but suddenly, she felt nausea, and she vomited in her bathroom. This is the second day that she vomited. This phenomenon was familiar to her. Then, when she realized it, her feet and hands were suddenly sweating cold.

"This can't be happening," Andrea mumbled. Andrea immediately took a bath and decided to went to obgyn to confirm her assumption. Andrea was wearing a cloak to hide her identity, but she didn't know that a familiar werewolf was following her.

"Alpha Andrea, what brings you here?" Her doctor asked.

"Doctor Celine," Andrea called and told her to have a check-up. Andrea met Doctor Celine two days ago because of an incident. After Andrea took a pregnancy test, her heart was beating so fast. Her hands were trembling. She was happy that she was going to be a mother again, but was bothered if she told Brya
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