Chapter seventy - The End

Andrea was scared to death. She prayed to the moon goddess, and used all the remaining energy to counter-attack Alpha Homer.

The clashes of their claws created a void that didn't let them hurt each other. Alpha Bryan was shocked. He immediately supports Andrea's back in order Andrea will not crash into the wall. The strong energy of their clashing claws creates a strong explosion that wipes all the weak rogues that surround them.

Jennifer, who had finished destroying all the enemy's weapons, looked at the big explosion where Andrea and Alpha Bryan were. All of them became worried about Andrea, and they immediately finished their enemies' life, before they went where Andrea is. Sally helped Mason eliminate the enemies who surrounded him.

"Mason! Wield your claws! I need to get back on my Master's side, so you need to finish them quickly," Sally said with worry.

"Yeah, I know. Thank you for helping me," Mason said, and did what Sally
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Suzy Williams Kozi
good story. Would of like to know Frankkin and Lorry survived and git together
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