Catori turned to Kurt and asked, "What's going on?" 

"I asked to speak to a lawyer," the boy in the chair said again. Everyone in the room ignored him. Kurt signalled to Tori for them to speak outside the room while Kasa stayed behind to watch the intruder. 

"This guy is dangerous, Tori. Let me handle him," Kurt said once they were out of the room. 

"How did you catch him?" she asked. 

With a sigh, he answered. "He was hiding behind one of the large trees close to these training grounds," he said. "I suspect he wants to learn our way of training and battle. It's not a coincidence that he decided to spy on this part of North Lotus first." 

Catori took some time to regard his words. They made sense and Kurt was never one to dwell on wrong reasoning unless he was very sure about it. But there was something about that boy. He did not like a spy to her. He seemed a little t

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