We all stood behind a tree close to the South border to make sure that nobody was there. The five of us were hurdled together in one spot. 

"From here, it's going to be your call, Catori," Fenris yelled over the rain.

"Okay," I managed to say. I kept wondering if he felt what I felt whenever he was close to me or if I just happened to have some sort of crush on him. 

Get your head in the game, Catori, I scolded myself. The last thing I needed was to be caught up in my daydreams about somebody who couldn't care less about me. 

"There's nobody there," the lady I had come to know as Amar said. My eyes made a beeline for the security post with my vision was slightly blurred due to the rain. True to her words, there was nobody there. 

"Once we get passed that guard post, we just have to keep going straight ahead to the big building in the centre of the town," I told them.  


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