Thirty nine

Alaric stopped just as they reached the gates. "Once we go in, you guys become my friends," he said to them. "Just act like we've all known one another for up to a year."

"That shouldn't be hard," Liam replied then turned slightly to Kurt. "But Kurt, please do not freeze up."

"Sure, no problem," Kurt said.

They advanced to the main gates.

"Halt," one of the guards instructed.

They did as ordered. "Who are you and state your business here," he said.

Alaric stepped forward despite the guard pointing his spear at him. "My name is Alaric Berwoulf," he said coolly with his hand stuffed in his pockets. "We are here to see the king and queen."

"What does a Berwoulf have to do with the royal family?" the guard asked wearily. He was obviously suspicious of them.

Alaric shook his head. It was quite amusing to him. "Just let them know that Alaric is here to see them," he told the guard, who in turn sent the mes

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