Forty three

Alaric and Natalie halted abruptly at the scene of the crime. "What happened here?" Natalie asked in shock.

"Someone must have have struck before us, but who?" Alaric asked.

They bent down to examine the guard with whom they had conversed some minutes ago. The Ghost Reaper went further to check on the other guards. As was expected, they were all out cold.

"But how?" the princess whispered.

They heard hurried footsteps coming their way. "Natalie, get up," Alaric ordered sharply but either she didn't hear him on time or she did not hear at all.

"Surrender yourselves," a strange voice yelled from the hallway. "Put down whatever weapons you may have on you."

Without a choice, Alaric dug into his pockets and threw out all his kunai knives. The owner of the voice soon appear. It was a guard, and he was with Natalie's be father. The old man looked astonished to see the

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