Forty six

Liam sighed when Mrs Maxwell finished her explanation of the recent happenings. From the look of things, the situation was worse than they predicted. Cassarina's forehead creased. "Do you think Kurt or Kasa know about this?" she asked him.

He shook his head. "I can't say for Kasa, but I don't think that Kurt is aware of this," he replied.

"And Kasa is a sweet girl. She won't be party to such a thing," Mrs Maxwell vouched. "Moreover, their father is all for male superiority so he will never consider giving his daughter the position."

"I see," the young man said. He looked at her in a somber manner. "Sorry that you had to quit from the council ma'am."

She smiled brightly. "It's alright dear, I should have left those dogs a long time ago," she said.

Cassarina glanced at the wall clock and realized that it was almost one in the morning. She panicked. "You need to get going," she said

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