Eighty eight

Catori's knees made forced contact with the floor. Kurt landed on her right side and her father was thrown to her left. There were sniggers from among those vipers. There was clapping and mock praise at the round table.

"Well, well, well, Catori Dolphus is finally home. It seems like you came at the right time," Zeta Ahmik Black said and laughed.

Catori stared at him, trying to fix his face but to no avail.

"Don't let them know that you can't remember them," Arthur whispered as quietly as he could. 

Beta Calian raised a palm and there was silence. He stood up from his seat at the round table and went to stand before the prisoners. He glared at Kurt, who glared back.

"So you even had the face to show up here," he said to his sun. His expression depicted anger and disappointment. Kurt didn't reply, to which Arthur gave a sigh of relief. 

"So to the re

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