Chapter 54: Gentrified Welcome

Major Irina and her Rooks finally closed in on Appal Village, after they spent the night in the same fields as the Forsaken trio, and passed through the light foliage of trees as well. As they got closer, the first thing they noticed was the deplorable site just outside of the pristine walls of the village.

The young woman frowned at the minimalist lifestyle before her, seeing them wearing nothing but rags and seemingly wallowing in their own filth, as she shook her head in disgust. “How is it that our people have to suffer like this?” she whispered under her breath.

A chill suddenly surged through her spine, after she continued staring at them, like she could perceive something else about them. “Strange…” She stepped off the trail towards the village and observed the people living on the outskirts.

The Rooks halted in place and watched their leader continue walking off.

She held her

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