Chapter 67: Effigy of Fenririn

Once the Rooks approached the checkpoint at Fenririn Outpost close to nighttime, the guards snapped to attention and saluted Major Irina, who saluted back as well.

The pair noticed a familiar face in the floodlight, and widened their eyes with disbelief, as one pointed at Sirius.

The young woman raised one of her brows and asked if they knew him from somewhere.

“He was here with some friends, ma’am,” one answered. “Another man and two women.”

Major Irina smirked and looked over her shoulder at her captive. “This just keeps getting better and better.”

Sirius flexed his cheeks and pursed his lips. He was afraid Chiara’s life may be in danger as well, so he hoped she stayed inside the Fenririn Lodge out of sight.

The Rooks’ horses flooded the plaza, as the people backed out of the way so they could take to the center of the pavilion.


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