Chapter 5

Alexander clutched his friend in a bear hug, grinning. He had not seen Sam in what seemed like forever. Ever since his friend gave birth to a chubby baby boy, it was only natural that Sam and his partner barely had time to socialize.

"It's been a while, my friend. You are looking good, though!" Alexander said. Sam had gained some weight post-pregnancy and his chest seemed slightly paunchy, but not overly so. He looked radiant and Alexander couldn't help but think that being a dad suited his blushing friend. As they all grabbed a table and ordered their food, Tian asked, "I am glad you guys could take a couple of hours for yourselves. So, where's Earth now?"

"Oh, Sam’s mom and sister had not seen him in a while so they agreed to babysit until we got back. They seemed excited." Sam nodded at his husband, smiling. His mom had been ecstatic to have Earth for a few hours.

"So, how's everything with you guys? Tian, has Kevin finalized that contract with that Chinese company? He seemed to be away a lot lately..." Sam asked.

Tian nodded as he sipped his water, "Yes, he's working really hard on that. Hopefully, everything will turn out good."

"Yes, I am sure it will. Kevin has been diligent in working towards expanding his company. It's really admirable how much he has achieved in just past 2-3 years." Pete pitched in as everyone nodded.

It was surprising how quickly Kevin had taken-over his uncle's company and steered it towards international success. None of his friends even knew that their friend had such a great sense in business.

"What about you Alex? What do you plan after you graduate?" Pete asked, as their food as placed and they started to dig in. But suddenly the light mood had vanished as both Alexander and Tian glanced at each other and grew silent. Sam picked up on the tension immediately.

"What? What is going on? Alexander, you better tell me right now! Tian, is this the real reason we are here today?"

As Alex shook his head, trying to tell Sam and everything was okay, Tian sighed and said, "You are right, Sam. We are here because our Alex refuses to stop being an idiot and grow the fuck up, already!"

"Oh my god! Don't tell me we are still discussing the same thing with this guy Tian? Alex, it has been four fucking years! How could you?"

Tian nodded as he put his chopsticks down, "Exactly! Tell him Sam. Put some sense into this guy. Daniel is devastated. You don't know how broken he looked last night when he sought us out. He thinks Alex here is no longer interested in him or loves him. Can you believe it? Our Alex not in love with his Omega?"

Sam shook his head disappointedly, even as Pete looked confused. "Umm..I don't understand..?"

Sam snorted, "Our Alex here has this mighty idea that the fated souls must not mate until they are settled enough to start a family.."

"Sam, that's not how.." Alex started but was cut off surprisingly by Pete.

"What do you mean? Haven't you been with your fated for like forever now?"

"Right. But Alex here refuses to claim his Omega until he finishes his studies, starts on his job.." Sam explained.

Pete looked at his fated, horrified, "You mean they haven't..umm..haven' in all this time..?" Sam nodded. "How is that possible? How could you even stand it? Do you leave him alone to suffer through his heats?"

Alex snapped up, angry, "What do you mean? Do you think I will leave my love alone like that?"

Pete looked even more frazzled now, " can you even stand it?"

"I am strong, I have command over my instincts like no other. And I have to be strong if I want to give my Omega everything he ever wants. I don't ever want to feel like I can't give him a comfortable life. It's different when the Alpha is older and Pete, you already have your father's business. It's not how it is for me."

Pete banged his hands on the table and stood up, "And then what, huh? Hmm? Do you realize that you would have to start at the bottom of any company as a fresh graduate? You think you will be able to give everything you wish to your Omega with your meager salary? How long would your fated have to wait then? Huh? Are you even being truthful to yourself? Is this really the reason you are delaying or is it something else?"

Sam was startled seeing Pete's reaction. Pete was hot-headed, yes, but lately he had not made a scene like this. Sam reached out for his husband's arm, "Alpha..."

Just that and Pete seemed to calm down. He relaxed and sat back in his chair, "You know what Sammy? I think your friend has been lying to everyone. He doesn't want to be tied down. I think he still wants to be able to play the field, so to speak. Daniel doesn't deserve someone like him, someone who doesn't love him enough.."

Alexander was up and one swift move was holding Pete by the collar. Alexander's eyes were blazing with anger as he pulled the older man, their faces close, eyes challenging.

"Don't you dare, Pete. There is no one else, there never has been and there will never be..My Danny is all I will ever have."

Pete caught Alex's hands and pulled out of his hold. He stood back straightening his shirt. "Then make sure you don't lose him, Alpha. Why not just give him what he needs, and you need? Why not, Alex?"

Alexander made an irritated noise, "Because I don't want to Accidently impregnate him, when we are both not ready.." It was definitely a dig at Sam and Pete.

It was Sam who stood up now, "Hey! I only got pregnant coz I was not on birth control. You know this, Alex!"

"But everything could have been avoided if you had just waited, right? If Pete here had not claimed you so soon.."

Alex's words were unexpected and it just angered Sam, "I wouldn't change a thing, right now, Alex! I wouldn't give up Earth for anything!! Do you even realize what you are saying?"

"Okay okay okay, everybody calm down, please." Tian who had been silent so far stood up and tried to get everyone to calm down and sit down again. He asked everyone to settle down again.

"I'm sorry Sam, I didn't mean," Alex said after a few minutes. The friend nodded, "I know what you meant, Alex."

"Hey, didn't you say you took precautions, Sam?" Tian asked.

Sam looked at Tian, "We used suppressants and condoms, but.."

"But Sam's doctor said due to him being prone to anemia, birth control pills would do more harm than good. So, we talked and decided to let things take their course. We did use condoms and suppressants, but they are not foolproof. That is not to say and we are not ecstatic about Earth." Pete explained. Then he smirked and bumped his Omega’s shoulder, "Besides, Sammy looked adorable pregnant, all chubby and pink.." Sam blushed furiously beside him as Tian and Alex chuckled shaking their heads. These two had been like this ever since their families approved of them.

Tian cleared his throat, "Actually, birth control pills are not foolproof either. Especially, during the heats."

"They are not?" Alex looked surprised.

Tian shook his head as he called for the check, "They are not, Alex. They are also not, like Sam's doctor said, totally healthy." He swallowed, turned to his friend and placed his hand on his friend's shoulder, "Look Alex. This is nature. We don't mess with it, it doesn't work like that. If two people are happy and healthy together then, nature will bless them, especially if you want to be blessed. It has nothing to do with being mated or not or being on pills or suppressants. If the state of mind is there, what needs to happen will happen. This is why it is said that stress in a relationship or outside of it is not good if you want to have kids. Do you understand what I am saying?"

Alexander swallowed, trying to take in what his friend was saying. Nature. He understood that. Nature. Nature has a purpose, a goal that was meant to be. He had never thought of it like that. Many couples couldn't bear children, and they tried desperately, all therapies and procedures but in vain. And here he was.. His thoughts drifted off to his Omega, all alone and needing him, needing him to understand. His Danny was trying to get him to see something that was so natural, but he was being…stupid. His friends were right, he was just an idiot. Tian pulled Alex into a hug when his eyes started to glisten. Tian realized that something had finally clicked in Alex's mind and that this dinner was not a waste.

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