Chapter 23: Busted

Elma’s POV


Immediately covering my mouth, I ensured in fear that I was alone.

If someone heard that again, I’ll be screwed for real. Nonetheless, I can’t just leave him to be. Thus, I headed outside to get some fresh air; meanwhile, I planned my escape from the back garden when I turned pale hearing many wolves howling.

No way! Could it be a fight?

My heart was beating heavily. For some reason, I was afraid that Sebastian was involved. Thus, I had no choice but to ask for Caitlyn.

“Yes, Princess Elma?” She asked, happy to find me outside my room.

“Um… I need some… silver?” It became more of a question.

Caitlyn’s expected confusion was visible on her face. She tried to open her mouth to ask when I shook my head in answer.

“Not now. Could you bring it urgently?” Asking, my head slightly turned to my left when a loud howl sent shivers down my spine.

“Okay.” She mumbled and passed her orders quickly.

“Is this regarding the wolves?” She questioned, shocking me.

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