Mending Those Bonds

"Hey single lady, come home." I kept staring at my phone. What the actual hell? That jerk has been ignoring me for the past two years and just a few minutes after my boyfriend broke up with me, he sends a text?!

I was furious and sad and relieved... God! I just wanted to hug my cousin so badly!

Judy's call came in before I could reply to Antonio's text; she had been my personal assistant since I moved to Paris. Emma couldn't come with me because she wanted to be a full time Mom to Shelby and she did say she was getting married in a month to a guy she met.

I didn't try getting close to Judy though, she just wasn't as free with me like Emma used to be, she just wanted our relationship to be professional and I didn't mind at all.

Of course she wouldn't be calling if she knew I was on a date with Archie, but I didn't tell her and she probably thinks I've disappeared.

I picked up.

"Hey, Judy."

"Hello. Where are you?" See that? She's so uptight.

"I was originally on a date with Archie but I
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