Chapter 8

Gianna's pov

"Did you cheat on me in highschool?" I asked. Nate's fork fell down immediately.

"What?" He asked, staring at me with his eyes wide open.

I really didn't wanna ask but since he stepped in what Maria said won't leave my head and all of a sudden I asked him. I don't think he did or rather I believe he didn't but I can't help but doubt. 

"Did you?" I asked 

"What do you mean did you? Why would I ?" He replied almost angry 

"Answer the damn question Nate" I shouted 

He paused "With who?" 


"Bridget? The cheerleader?" He laughed a bit

"Yes" I replied annoyed

"Are you fucking with me right now Gianna?" I could slowly see him get angry, guess he actually thought I was joking at first.


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