Chapter 11

Nate's pov 


"Fucking piece of shit!" Gianna shouted angrily. I remember her clearly saying nothing was wrong and she wasn't coming to my place but yet she arrived before me. 

Don't ask me what happened because I do not know. Since I arrived here aty house all she's been doing is cursing at the person that made her annoyed. 

I've tried asking her a couple times what's going on but it's like she doesn't even hear me. Well I was used to this whenever she had a fight with Maria she would curse at her till she's tired and when she is she'll tell me what is going on. 

I had already changed into one of my clothes I used for lazing around the house while Gianna was already putting on her casual clothes when I arrived. Actually it was my shirt and her school uniform skirt but the skirt was missing because the shirt was too big for her.

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