Chapter 12

Gianna's Pov


Aish! My waist hurts. I've told Nate to reduce how much he does it but he doesn't listen. I had to come early to school today because Nate didn't let me out of his bed yesterday till I was tired and couldn't do anything which means I didn't do my assignments and they were due today. 

Someone just fucking kill me. The day couldn't get any worse because I had to run into this piece of shit so early in the morning. What was she even doing here? Literally no one comes to school this early except they didn't do or finish their assignment. 

I sat down quietly not wanting to have anything to do with her. Luckily, her seat was just right before me. God bless the stupid teacher that came up with this sitting arrangements idea. 

She sat quietly resting her head and not even saying a word almost like she didn't even know I was here. Was I surprised? No. I mean ye

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