Chapter 30 Little Boy in the Snow

Facing reality is a necessity to survive in the adult world. No one can be protected by a lampshade for life, unless this life is very short.

Rafał wanted to live long and be happy. Therefore, he had to stand on his own feet and face adversities. He had to accept that there were people who would be hostile to him, and he had to hope that there would be people who would be kind to him. Just like Damian Radosz was kind to him.

Or just ‘maybe’? Brylski smiled as he remembered the event from a few moments ago. When he saw a shadow creep into his room through the balcony, he felt an almost paralyzing terror. It was an instinct that took root in his heart because of the past. But now Rafał was no longer a helpless child, now he was a strong man. So he clenched his fist and, without switching on the light, started towards the stranger.

The actor opened the curtain and saw the silhouette more clearly. He even recognized a face. Unless he could understand why

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