Chapter 67 A Man and a Woman

Inside the bar it suddenly got much warmer, maybe even too warm.

Rafał shook his head. 'Focus,' he admonished himself. 'Don't fantasize! Focus on the here and now! On this, or rather on someone you have in front of you!' And in front of him Brylski had a beautiful woman who was his on-screen partner and who had invited him to dinner to strengthen their camaraderie. It would be rude to ignore her and think about someone else.

The young actor dismissed the hot memories from himself.

“You know, Rafał, today I saw you in a completely different light “Marzena brought him back to reality. He looked at her more carefully and it seemed to him that the actress was more open towards him than usual, even including today. “You were very manly.”

“Really?” he was surprised.

“At first sight you seem weak, but today you showed that if the situation demands it, you can be very strong. If I was being blackmailed, I think I w

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