Chapter 70 She Is Not You"

How it was that Damian was now standing in front of the door of Rafał's room, he himself could not understand. Nor could he understand why his heart was beating so hard when he knocked on that door. Damian felt as if he had suddenly, without knowing at what point, lost control of reality.

The door opened and Damian saw two bright green jewels sparkling like stars. Two meadows bathed in spring sunlight, full of joy and life. Two mystical green flames.

Something happened, something strange. Something squeezed Radosz's heart, burning it to the temperature of molten iron. Reason left him suddenly, all thought left him, and like a gaunt animal he threw himself at Rafał's ponderous mouth, parted in astonishment.

The door closed behind Damian with a slam. Did he close it or did Brylski? It didn't matter. What mattered were the gentle yet strong arms that embraced him passionately and the nails he felt even through his shirt.

Rafał was asexual? That had to be a j

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