Novice Lucky Reward

Right now, Shi Tian was living in the capital city of the Red Cloud Kingdom with his mother, aunt, sister-in-law, elder sister, and two maids.

After sorting out everything related to this world, Shi Tian finally looked at the personal memories of this world's Shi Tian.

Shi Tian was very depressed and enraged by the death of his father and other clan members, it was a great blow to his heart, after all, he was only fifteen years old. His pure and kind heart filled with revenge and hatred. He started practice crazily in order to become strong fast, and take revenge.

His death was caused by himself, he even started cultivation demonic cultivation techniques to raise his cultivation faster that caused a deviation in his cultivation.

If it wasn't for his mother saving his life, he might have died two days before already. Although his mother saved his life, he lost all of his strength and cultivation become a cripple because of Qi deviation.

Shi Tian couldn't accept the fact, his mind was only filled with revenge, now it was crushed when he become a cripple. In the end, his soul was shattered tonight, and after this body's soul dead, Shi Tian(Earth)'s soul occupied the empty body. Shi Tian didn't know if it was a coincidence or someone was pulling strings from the dark.

The reality was that Shi Tian arrived in this world, his past identity didn't matter in this world, and now he has another identity, next, he will live as Shi Tian of this world.

'Don't worry, Your family is my family, your enemy is my enemy. I promise will take your revenge.' Shi Tian said in his mind as he could feel the last bit of Will of previous Shi Tian also disappeared into the dark void.

Although Shi Tian promised, he wasn't naive to think he should the same path as the previous Shi Tian. His enemy was strong, he needed the strength of Spirit Emperor before thinking about taking his revenge.

Shi Tian thought of a famous proverb from the earth, 'When a nobleman takes revenge, ten years is not too late. One should bide one's time and wait for the right opportunity to seek vengeance.'

But how should he handle his current problem, this body is crippled, can't cultivate in the future. In this condition, even he waited for hundreds of years, he could not take revenge.

"Hey, system! Shouldn't you give me something good as a novice gift or something? How could I become strong with this crippled body?" Shi Tian said in his mind.

[Congratulation to host, you have obtained seven super lucky sign-in cards as a novice reward. Does the host want to sign -in now? Y/N]

Shi Tian said in his mind excitedly, "Yes, sign-in."

[Congratulation to host for sign-in the seven super lucky cards. Reward follows.]

[Primordial Chaos Sutra, Part 1 (Divine Grade): One of the top cultivation techniques of the cosmos ever created]

[Primordial Yin-Yang Scripture, Part 1 (Divine Grade): Top dual cultivation of cosmos]

[Chaotic Spiritual Roots: Top Spiritual Roots of cosmos]

[Celestial Yang Physique: Top Yang Physique of cosmos]

[Destiny of Peerless Warrior: Top Charm, Top Comprehension Ability]

[Chaos Black Spiritual Flame: Chaos Fire that could burn everything in the cosmos]

[Hundred Top Grade Spirit Stones]

[The Host wanted to redeem the reward now. Y/N]

[Note: Fusion of spiritual vein and physique could cause some alternation in the host's appearance and aura.]

Shi Tian was shocked by the overwhelming rewards.

'Holy shit! Isn't this too op?' Shi Tian exclaimed in mind when saw the seven golden rewards, each reward looked mysterious and powerful. Just one look and one could tell that it was extraordinary.

Just as Shi Tian was about to redeem all the rewards, the gate of the room opened, and a person walked inside the room. Although it was nighttime, his room was full of lights because of fire lamps and the fireplace.

Shi Tian looked at the person who entered the house, stunned.

The person entered was a young girl, who appeared to be fifteen or sixteen years old, carrying a pot in her hand. Her figure was willowy and delicate, she was dressed in a light green robe. Even her hair was a bright shade of emerald green. Her features were exceedingly beautiful, containing an innate delicate and charming frailty. Her skin was paler than snow and smoother than ice. She has a pair of emerald green eyes, clear like crystals.

Shi Tian's mind was completely in a daze after seeing such a beautiful girl, he felt like dreaming right now.

"Um! Young Master! You are awake!." The green hair girl noticed his gaze and exclaimed. Shi Tian finally comes out from his daze after hearing her melodious voice. He recognized this green-haired girl from the memories of previous Shi Tian.

Her name was Xiu Ying, she was the first personal maid of the previous Shi Tian. Other than her, there was another maid, her name was Duan Mei. Both were very beautiful girls, they were picked up by Shi Tian's mother to take care of the daily needs of her youngest son.

Shi Tian didn't have friends in childhood, as he was a hardcore fan of martial arts, rather than playing with other kids, he would prefer reading and practicing. Slowly his personality became aloof and arrogant.

His mother worried about his childhood, so she thought of an idea, she chooses two beautiful young similar to his age and made them his personal maids. Although Shi Tian might have had an aloof and arrogant personality, he was submissive to his mother. His mother forced him to make a promise that he will not chase them away like other kids. From that point, he gained two clingy maids, always trying to cling to him.

He didn't know their backgrounds, as his mother never told him, she just said that they have a very sad child life, he shouldn't give them more grief. Shi Tian blindly trusted his mother, so he didn't inquire about their background again.

Xiu Ning has a tender and docile personality, even Shi Tian's heart melted by her gentle and kind nature as he started treating her well.

Xiu Ying placed the pot on the side table, then she came running to him, "Young Master, you finally woke up." She held his right hand with her soft hands and said with misty eyes. Shi Tian could her eyes tearing up, as she was about to cry.

"Woo~ Woo~! Hic~ Hic, "

"Okay! Xiu Ying, don't cry, I will be fine." Shi Tian couldn't watch her cry and said gently.

"Ahh! Just a sec, I am going to call Master." Xiu Ying wiped her tears and nodded. She seemed to remember something and run out from the room hastily. Shi Tian guessed that she was going to call his mother.

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