42 War started


[Name: Shi Tian]

[Lifespan: 15/105]

[Race: Mortal Human]

[Body: Celestial Yang Physique]

[Cultivation: Fourth Layer of Spirit Master Stage]


Shi Tian's level was raised by one layer due to the virgin Yin Qi of Xiu Ying. Other because the difference in their cultivation was not big, her Yin Qi would not enough to raise his level.

Shi Tian didn't care about the cultivation, what he cared about was that he made love with Xiu Ying. And it was amazing. Looking at the sexy petite figure in his arms, his heart filled with warmth.

In the evening, Shi Tian and Xiu Ying went back to the house.

On the side of the Li Suxin. After her mother left, she took out the thunder manual.

Li Suxin held the thunder manual in her hands, couldn't hide her excitement. She couldn't control the urge to cultivate this thunder manual.

She immediately started reading the thunder manual, after one hour later, she finally

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