43 Meeting princess again

"Send the reinforcement to the east border immediately." Queen Li Song ordered.

"North Border is being defended by General Li Yinzi. General Wu already on the eastern border, send General Deng to the East Border as reinforcement. Hire the mercenaries and rogue warriors for the war, for a good amount of money, they would be definitely to participate in the battle. And recruit more soldiers as you can."

"Yes, Your Majesty." He Boqin nodded. It was the best solution for now. They need more soldiers if they wanted to win this war.

"Tighten the security in the city, close the road that leads to these two borders. Make sure that the enemy can't infiltrate the city."

"Okay, this meeting ends here. Notify me immediately if anything comes up." Li Song said as she stood up from the chair.

Shi Tian didn't know about the war, he was enjoying breakfast at the moment.

Later, Shi Tian once again went to the forest, at the waterfall. He was going to meet Li

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