67 Suxin joins the Immortal Sword Sect

The expert who helped the Queen was an elder of the top-ranked sect, he wanted to accept the princess as his disciple which was also the reason he helped the Queen. It said that Suxin has an extraordinary innate talent for cultivation, Zhen Lei noticed her talent and was willing to take her as his disciple.

When this news reached the ears of Black Sand Kingdom's people, a huge bomb exploded inside their minds. For a moment, they were unwilling to trust this news. But no matter how unwilling they are, they have no choice but to accept the fact. After all, Li Song already sent the corpses of Luo Delun and others to the army of Black Sand Kingdom.

Black Sand Kingdom's forces didn't dare to stay in the territory of the Red Cloud Kingdom, they want to run away as fast as they can, but unfortunately for them, they can't run because queen already closed their retreating route.

Li Song gave them two choices submit or die. Simple as that. All the strong experts already died, and these ordinary
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