68 Going into the mountains

Red Cloud kingdom became unusually silent after the war, Li Song send her team of experts to eliminate all the bandits and thugs from the entire region of the Red Cloud Kingdom.

Shi Tian's life once again became a little boring, he spends his days in cultivation and practice. Shi Tian also decided to raise his cultivation, so he won't fall into the embarrassing situation again. If it wasn't for his fast reaction, he might have been discovered by the Zhen Lei in the palace.

Until he broke the spirit king stage, he would prefer to stay out of the sight of all the top forces of the Eastern Continent. Ordinary people didn't know about him or his clan, but Zhen Lei was different. Shi Tian heard the name of drunkard Lei before, he used to come to his clan to visit his father in the past.

Shi Tian returned to the manor and started cultivating again. His mother spent most of her time in the alchemy while his aunt mostly focused on cultivation and raising her strength. Currently, his mother an
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