73 Poisoned woman

Shi Tian was excited to get his first pet. However, a small problem arises before him. He didn't know how to establish a contract with the Darkmoon wolf.

He didn't have proper beast-taming skill on him at the moment, but he remembered his soul-controlling skill.

Shi Tian closed his eyes for a moment and started making a soul seal for the Darkmoon Wolf. After a minute, the soul seal finally completed.

He looked at the wolf and said coldly, "Don't resist, I will put a soul seal on your soul, so you can't betray me. If you resist you will hurt yourself."

The Darkmoon wolf could only nod with him, in front of this terrifying human. He has already given up no matter how reluctant he was.

"Don't worry as long as you won't think to betray or harm me, the seal won't activate." Shi Tian said calmly as he placed the invisible soul seal inside the soul of the Darkmoon wolf.

"Good!" Shi Tian nodded lightly seeing the soul seal perfectly branded on the soul of the Darkmoon Wolf.

Shi Tian excitedly
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