74 Helping the beautiful woman

There was no doubt that this woman was a beautiful face with long red hair. But her face was currently very pale and had a greenish hue on her lips and cheeks. Shi Tian tried to wake up the woman but failed.

Shi Tian frowned as he looked at the greenish hue on her face. This was definitely not the normal scenario. There were corpses of the venomous green spiders in the cave and adding her wounds. It was not hard to guess that this woman was poisoned by the poison of the venomous green spiders. Another thing was that the victim who was poisoned by venomous green spider's poison also shows the same trait as this woman was showing.

Shi Tian held her wrist and sent a wisp of his spirit Qi inside her to check her condition.

Shi Tian's eyes narrowed slightly, her condition did not look good. The venomous green spider's poison already spread into her body and meridians. If she didn't get proper treatment and dispelled the poison out of her body soon, this woman will die.

Moreover, there were
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