Chapter 48

What is he thinking about asking me about that in front of Rilly. Sam kept looking at me then Rilly. Finley he stood up and dumped his plate in the trashcan. Then Sam walked to the living room. What's wrong with Sam? Rilly asked me as she pulled her knees to her chest. I don't know I'll talk to him. No Mark, I'm just going to go. Rilly just stay? No he's upset and I'm not going to be here while he's angry. Ok, just text me? Why would Rilly text you? Sam growl's out! To let me know she is okay, dammit Sam just look at her she's scared! Yeah ok FRIEND, Sam growled at me,you two can do whatever I'm going to my room and with one last look at Rilly he turned on his heal and headed to the stairs. Sam, please Sam wait! Rilly yelled after Sam.  When he didn't turn around Rilly ran out of the house crying. Then Sam flew up the stairs and slammed his door. I took out my phone and texted Rilly. 

 Mark: I'll come see you soon. 

Rilly: why Mark?  He's alrea

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