My Next Life As A Wicked Dame
My Next Life As A Wicked Dame
Author: Sam Velasquez



"Lady Marina?" a soft voice echoed from a distant room.


A soft feminine voice echoed in my ears, it was truly lovely and soft like clouds. The voice was like a lullaby instead of waking me up, it makes my eye lids heavier than ever.

What is it? The sun hasn’t rise yet., right? And beside it's the weekend, isn't it? I don’t have classes today! for Pete’s sake! So please, let me sleep a little longer. I didn’t realize that it was already dawn when I finished the novel I read last night. All I need is one thing; it is called peace and quiet.

Instead of opening my heavy eye lids, I just ignore the voice buried my face into this soft pillows as it was because it's too early.

"Lady Marina!?" someone from the other side of the room called out again.

What the heck!?  It’s too early and someone is bothering me again. Don't they know the saying, "Wake up the drunk, but not the one who’s sleeping or else you would taste eternal rest."


 I know that, but hey! Who cares?

Instead of standing up I took the soft pillow that was on my side and covered my ear, while my other hand grabbed the soft blanket and pulled it until it wrapped my whole body like a burrito.

Leave me alone whoever you are.

"Lady Marina!? Please open this door!" Shouted by someone, and there was another loud knock on the door as if she wanted to destroy it.

My gosh! It's Saturday and we don't have school! For Pete’s sake oh! People just want to sleep! I just want to sleep! And don't break the door, I don't have the money to fix that thing, and it's not the end of the world yet so stop shouting!

"Lady Marina, please open this door!" The woman shouted outside the door.

I groaned, hearing the girl outside shouting for the nth time. I almost throw the pillow because she keeps repeating the same words, like a broken plaque. Leaving me with no choice, even though I really didn't want to, I was forced to sit on the soft bed. I calmed myself down and ease my irritation.

My eyes are still sleepy and half-closed. I tried opening my eyes, but I couldn't really see anything. All I could see is blurry pictures. I can’t even identify what’s in front of me. Whenever, I open my eyes, it hurts. So, when I forcefully open it, they can’t help but shed small tears.

I yawned, stretching my arms and limbs. Grabe! What a euphoric feeling. I really did have a good night sleep, all thanks to these soft pillows, blankets, and bed.

"Lady Marina!? Please answer me!"

I sighed, thinking who the hell is it. I got up from sitting and slowly walked towards the door. I walked like a drunkard, swaying left and right. I can’t even see the room clearly because my eyes are swelling up.

Did I sleep so long that my eyes hurt like this?


I just asked myself a stupid question. The proper question should be, “When did I ever go to bed early? Did I even get a proper sleep?”

What a shame.

I silently laughed at myself. Maybe for the first time since forever, this is probably the best and longest sleep I ever had.

‘When did I have good sleep?’

I shrugged at that thought.

When I reached the door, I immediately pressed my hands on the surface, trying to find the doorknob. When my fingers touch the door, I felt the cold smooth wooden surface. I frowned when I felt it. I was confused because the door of my room is not this smooth. It was rough as hell as I remember.

I buried my confusion and slid down my hands to locate the doorknob. Then, suddenly! My hands touch an odd metal shape line!

It’s the doorknob!

I immediately wrap my fingers around it and push it downward. A soft click echoed in the whole room, and I tried my best to open my eyes. When I open it, the first thing to greet me was the blinding sunlight.


I squinted my eyes to protect it from the blinding sunrise, and blink for a few times. When my vision was cleared, I saw a woman, probably around mid-twenties wearing a classic black and white Victorian maid dress.

My forehead creased.

A maid? When did we had a maid? Why didn’t I got inform about a new maid?

Instead of staring at her rudely, I gave her a polite smile and greeted her, "Hello, good morning. What could I do for you?"

When she heard me, her pupils started shaking, her lips trembled, and her face suddenly went pale. The woman in front of me looked shock, scared, and terrified. I almost forgot to control my face from giving a confused look. I don't know if it's because of what I said or because of how I look?

Maybe both. I sounded like a dead person because of my voice, and look like a witch because of my hair.

"L-Lady Marina, b-breakfast is r-ready," she stammered.

I frowned when I heard what she addressed me.

Who's Lady Marina?

"Excuse me, you might have mistaken me for someone else," I politely replied while smiling.

And there was the shock on her face again. Her delicate eyes widen when she heard me.

Her shaking hands stopped, as if she remembered something.

"L-Lady Marina? Are you sick?" from being shocked, concern was immediately plastered on her face.

The crease around my forehead deepened.

Is she addressing me as Lady Marina!?

Because of what she said. My brain, who is half awake, is now fully functioning.

"I’m Lady Marina !?" I subconsciously asked in confusion, then pointed myself.

She looked at me like, I just asked the most ridiculous question in the world.

I blinked at her, feeling surreal and confused.

She stared at my face for a few seconds before aborting her gaze away, as if she did a terrible mistake. She then slowly nodded her head.

Huh? Something’s wrong. Why does the name sound so familiar? I’ve heard it before, not just once but over and over.

My two eyebrows almost kissed each other because I can’t seem to remember where I heard that name, I’m uncertain. The name sounded so familiar, but I can’t put a word on it. The word is in the tip of my tongue already!

Then suddenly a familiar scene and voices echoed inside my head.

"Putcha! Why doesn't the author just kill Lady Marina! So that Gina and Lord Ethan can be together! There won’t be any obstacles in their lovestory!"


Lady Marina!? What the heck!?

You got to be kidding me.

My heartbeat raced, as if seven demons were chasing me. Sweats started forming in my forehead, my hands turned cold, and a silent chill invade my body.

I quickly turned around and looked for a mirror. I immediately went to the sophisticated vanity table and immediately opened its first drawer.

It can’t be right? This must be dream.

Take a deep breath Nina.

"Milady?" she gently called me out. "What are you looking for?" she asked me while there was a streak of concern on her face.

The woman– who's name I don't know. Didn’t enter the spacious luxury room. Now, I just finally noticed the whole room was painted gray and mixed with gold. From the looks of it you can really feel how much of a slap soil you are. Every time you look at a corner, everything goes bling-bling.

"Milady ..." her voice trailed with extreme case of concern.

I didn't bother to answer her and kept looking for the mirror.

My hand went busy clutching and pulling every drawer that my eyes laid on, trying to find a single piece of mirror. When I opened the very end of it, I already found what I was looking for.

‘Found it!’ I exclaimed silently.

I quickly picked up the customized face mirror. The handle was made out of gold, the oval-shaped mirror itself was showered with glittering gems! I almost fainted because it almost fell in the carpet. If it was broken, I don’t know if I can pay for it even if I sell myself to a devil.

This mirror is bling-bling.

I immediately put the mirror on my face to look at it. My eyes widen when I finally saw the girl in the mirror. I was shocked to say something, when a pure red-violet orbs stared right through me!

My pupils started shaking, my hands trembled, and my body went cold. This is truly impossible, this is impossible! This isn’t my face! This is not my face! I’m a short brown hair gal with black eyes, pale complexion, and a pair of pale lips!

And, in front of me, is someone I can consider as a goddess!

Long milky blonde hair with a pair red-violet eyes that can drown you into a bottomless pit, reddish lips, and a milky white complexion.

This is not me! Clearly not Nina Facelo!

And like a flashback. My whole life before I came here, started flowing.

From school, going to a nearby bookstore to buy the most awaited book that my friends recommended to me. And me, trying to be a hero and ended up dying in a dark alley of the second street.

Illuminating Darkness!

That’s the title! That’s the book that I want to read! I didn't sleep peacefully instead I died young! And to add salt into the wounds. I am now in the body of the most wicked Dame in the Kingdom! The suspected villainess of the famous fantasy novel!

I unconsciously placed my shaking hands in my tummy, the part where I was stabbed. My body trembled, and sweats started forming in my forehead, as if I was experiencing the same amount of pain, I felt that day.

My breathing started getting heavy, as if the amount of oxygen I’m breathing is insufficient. A chill brush through my skin, I felt a pair of cold hands touching my neck and started chocking me.

Pain, fear, and confusion.

That’s the emotion filling me up, my mind went hazy, as if I’m surrounded by a thick layer of fogs. Not knowing where I am, and where should I go.

"Lady Marina?" the woman gently asked in worry, it was evident in her voice.

My mind cleared up after I heard her voice. I took a deep breath and started to calm down. Panicking won’t get me nowhere, it’s not all confirmed yet. I can’t randomly jump in such absorb conclusion, if I jumped randomly, I might never get out.

I turned my attention to the woman outside the room, she didn’t dare took a step inside. Worry was plastered on her beautiful face.

I smiled at her.

"Can you please leave?" I asked in a gentle manner, so as not to offend her. I felt my head spinning, and it felt that my energy is draining in such a speed. Even though I didn’t do anything vigorous, but I just encountered death itself, I just died! What a VIP experience! Meet and greet with death.

How nice is that?

Suddenly my head hurt. Half of me can’t believe I just died, and half of me can’t believe I’m still alive!

What a great experience!

I saw the doubt on her face, she hesitated, and tried to open her mouth. Trying to tell me something. But in the end, she nodded her head. Even though skeptical, she slowly stepped away. She placed both of her hands on her abdomen and slightly bowed.

“Yes, Milady.”

When she started walking away, I felt relief. But she was still giving me worried glance. When she was completely out of my sight I just calmed down.

I slowly closed the door and took a deep breath. Trying to calm my tense nerve, to think deeply about my situation.

Of all the fantasy-romance books I’ve read, they might be all different, but there’s one thing that sets them the same. That is, villains always perish, and will always die in the end of the story.

Death of a villain means world peace. Death of a hero means war.

I breathe a heavy sigh.

Okay, Nina Facelo. We need to plan; we have to survive.

We need to survive!


A/N: English is not my native language; my mother tongue is Bisaya/Filipino so there will be some spelling and grammatical errors.

Grabe – is a Filipino expression that correspond to “That’s too much”

Putcha – is a word/expression that means curse or more like “Damn”

Bling-bling – is a k-pop song that can be used as an expression of something expensive.

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