Chapter 23

Lydia was fuming by the time Drake came back inside from the phone call he had taken on the balcony. Just when Lydia thought she was finally getting the hang of this family, something happened that would surprise or shock her. Instead of shock or surprise at Dianne’s gift though, Lydia felt deep hot hatred and anger towards Dianne. When Drake came inside and asked Lydia what was wrong, Lydia couldn’t even find the words to describe her feelings instead she pointed a finger down the hall, advising him that his mom had sent him a gift.

Drake walked down the hall apprehensively, he wasn’t sure what type of present Dianne would gift him, but he knew that whatever it was had angered Lydia. As Drake drew nearer to the bedroom, he could smell the strong perfume of Chanel #5. The smell made him queasy, and he knew it wasn’t a smell that Lydia would wear, it was more of a smell you’d find on the elite socialites that Drake didn’t want to be a part of. He slowly opened the bedroom d
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