Chapter 24

Drake waited patiently in the living room as the girls got dressed in the room. He still wasn’t sure about Lydia’s plan. Yes, it was every guys dream to have a threesome with two beautiful women but he didn’t want this to effect his almost relationship with Lydia. Drake had come to realize in the short amount of time he’d spent with Lydia that he was starting to fall for her. She wasn’t like any other girl he’d met. She was strong, loyal, devoted, and genuine, plus she made him happy. She was the real deal, the entire package. Drake wanted to call their entire “relationship” off and start fresh. He really wanted to date Lydia, but he knew she needed the money to care for her mom. Drake would gladly pay for her mother’s medical expenses, but he knew that Lydia would never except it. She’d consider it a handout, and feel like she was a charity case. Drake in no way wanted Lydia to feel like that, so he was determined to keep their contract as long as Lydia would let him. The thought o

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