Chapter 28

“I am so glad you guys are here!” Madilyn replied, “ I have a proposal, I know you’re newly engaged and what not, but I think it would be wonderful if we all got married together in the Bahamas.”

At that very moment Lydia had decided to grab a glass of Malbec from the passing waiter, she had taken a large sip from the glass already to calm her nerves, instead of going down her throat, she ended up sputtering it out spraying the entire first table with wine.

“Sorry,” Lydia mumbled, “You just took me by surprise. Madilyn, I don’t want to ruin…”

Drake interrupted Lydia, “ I think that’s a wonderful idea.”

Lydia looked at Drake in disbelief, what was he up to now.

“Oh goodie!” Madilyn exclaimed, “It will be the wedding of the century.”

“Umm, Drake.” Lydia called walking over to her “fiancé” grabbing his arm, “Can I talk to you for a moment.”

“Eh-hmm, Dinner is ready.” Dianne stated looking annoyed at the entire or
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