Chapter 37

The very next morning after a long night spent making up with Lydia, Drake awoke to a very long very aggressive voicemail from Dianne.


I found out some very interesting information about your dearest fiancé. I hope this information comes to you as a surprise. I would hate to think that you’d be willing to tarnish the Whittenberg name like this, as well as bring financial burden upon yourself.

If you do not meet us in the Bahamas by yourself at the end of the month, then I’ll be forced to play the cards that that slut dealt. There’s no escaping your destiny Drake, you are a Whittenberg, you are heir to the Whittenberg foundation it is time you played the part.

I expect once you arrive at the Bahamas that you will go through with your nuptials and marry Jessica. She is willing to dirty her name a little to help with the scandal your little toy is going to cause this family.

That’s right Drake, Mommy Dearest found out your dirt
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