Chapter 42

“What the hell do you think you’re doing Drake!” Dianne yelled pinning Drake under her glare, not even bothering to acknowledge Lydia’s presence.

“A pleasure to see you, as always Dianne.” Lydia responded to Dianne’s hysterics.

The hallway stirred to life as Drake’s employees started to leave the conference room, each one pausing as they saw Dianne standing in front of their boss and his fiancée with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face. Drake’s employees knew he had an estranged relationship with his family as Drake had never felt the need to lie to his employees about his life. Aside from his relationship with Lydia, which everyone now knew about, Drake had pretty much been an open book.

The lowest paid of the employees, a male named Issac, who worked as a recorder, slid his phone out of his pocket, slyly turning on the video recorder, before positioning his phone in his hand, where the camera could see Dianne, Drake, and Lydia, but no one could se
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