The car stopped in front of a small old house. It was a rotten old house, actually.

“Are you sure, is this it?” I asked while staring at the house. One blew of the wind here it will surely be going to get wash out.

“I’m sure it is, Cristine.” Ronald said. We both went out of the car while our eyes are on the house. We quietly walked near the house and checked the whole surrounding.

“I think there’s no one here, Ronald.” I said based on the whole ambiance. Ronald didn’t talk and just knock on the door.

“Is there anybody here?” Ronald called out. I looked around. I have a bad feeling about this. Based on the whole surrounding something happened here. The rock on the ground has cracks and not on their rightful places, like there’s a trouble happened here. And also, the house…I feel like it was abandoned for days.

“Mrs. Felicia Guevarra?

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