I don’t know what to say now that I am fucking nervous. I feel like my whole body is frozing, I can’t move a single part of my body because Ronald is here cornering me and I am here in front of him, chickening inside. I am not like this. I’ve never been like this. There’s no man had made me like this, except this man in front of me!

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about…” I nervously said. I don’t know why I am acting like this. All my life I am the one who intimidated others but now…I don’t know anymore.

“Tss…” he hissed. I heaved a deep sigh when he finally stops nearing me. He took a tissue and wiped off his hands. Damn it! What was that?

“Let’s go,” he said snobbishly. My brows furrowed and watched his back opening the door, but he stopped when I cleared my throat in purpose.

“Are you really sure we&r

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