I didn’t know that mate thing is like this. I didn’t know that if we are bonded there’s a risk behind it. I don’t know if I’ll be happy because of the information or not. Of course, I am not! It only means that if I will see Ronald love someone else, I’ll be hurting! Physically and mentally!

Those thoughts didn’t leave my mind until I arrived in the hospital. Looking at the hospital, I suddenly felt nervous knowing that I’ll see Ronald once again. His words from last night echoed inside my mind again. Damn! Why am I always chickening out when it comes to him? He’s always unaffected when it comes to me and it’s so unfair!

I didn’t know that this is how huge the risk that Alqamar is facing right now. Lexis thought that he died. Lexis has a possibility to love someone else and for Alqamar it’ll be his death.

Being mated to a human is risky. It’s far better

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